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The Clubhouse

The Swansgate clubhouse is a central hub for this active, vital community.  The privacy fence encloses the swimming pool and patio area.  Inside you'll find the activity room, library, game and billiard room, kitchen, exercise area, locker rooms, and the community management offices.

The large activity room, complete with dance floor and sound system, is the main gathering place for the various homeowner clubs, functions organized by the Swansgate Social Committee, programs and entertainment sponsored by various outside organizations, and of course, the weekly Friday evening social hour.  Flexible by design, it is easily transformed into a grand dining room for regularly scheduled dinners, or into an auditorium for community meetings.  Swansgate residents can also reserve the clubhouse for their private parties and get-togethers.  The swimming pool and patio area are through the glass doors on the left.  Through the glass doors on the right you'll find yourself high above ground level, on the shaded deck with a spectacular view of the woodland stream and Swansgate's very own pond.  Locker rooms and the exercise area are located around the back left corner and down the hall just past the fully equipped kitchen.

Shown above is the swimming pool and patio area just outside the activity room.  Below is the pool viewed from the door adjacent to the locker rooms.


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